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Most common inquiry I get is "HOW MUCH?"

To give an accurate quote, I must have the physical address of the property you would like to have Aerial Drone video/stills flown over to be able to do a site survey to check things like size of the area you would like photographed, proximity to Airports, power lines, obstacles, hazards, water, and of course...distance that I would have to travel.  The travel is the big differential I have found as I am based out of Safety Harbor in Pinellas County.

Q: How much does it all cost?
A: The cost is dependent on a few factors.  1.  The size of the job (property), 2.  Unique requirements (amount of photos/video), 3.Risks to equipment (extended overwater flight/hazards to Drone), 4.  Travel Distance, 5.  Return trips to site if additional shots/footage is desired.  Average job is $200-400 for still work and $300-$550 for video work to give you a "ballpark figure".

I am a one man shop so I can assure you if you would like a aviation professional who does have all the proper FAA accreditations and liability Insurance and has completed over 300 paying jobs with excellent customer satisfaction you will not find a lower cost anywhere with my qualifications.

Be careful hiring an illegal contractor who does not have BOTH a FAA 333 Exception and Aerial Drone Liability Insurance of at least $1M as you may be liable if there is a incident performing work for you.  If a individual or company cannot produce their FAA 333 Exception in writing, they cannot accept money for services.  This is the law.

Overhead Real Estate.com's Drones are ready for professional aerial photography for:

Auto Dealerships Marinas Business/Special Events
Brochure Advertisements Residential Real Estate
Commercials Environmental Monitoring Commercial Real Estate
Golf Courses Tourism Promotion Industrial Real Estate
Infomercials Infrastructure Inspection Wildlife
Weddings WebPages  

Overhead Real Estate Packages

Create panoramic views and perspectives for an endless list of real world applications that is only limited by your imagination.

Industrial & Infrastructure Inspection

Overhead Real Estate can provide aerial photography specifically for inspection of power lines, oil and gas pipelines, dams, and bridges in the most inaccessible areas.

Tourism Promotion

Overhead Real Estate can provide aerial photography that is unequaled for capturing the big picture and presenting the excitement and beauty of your town, city or attraction in panoramic views featuring your highlights from above looking down, showing remarkable details and points of interest from every angle, from rainbows to sunsets.


Overhead Real Estate has the professional UAV configurations which have provided professional aerial photography for Wildlife and Environmental documentary clientele. We know what you need and how to get you there, what works best for what purposes.

Golf Courses

Overhead Real Estate specializes in fast action acrobatics photography for movie productions and we have just the machines you need to shoot the greens!


Overhead Real Estate will work with any business to find you an aerial solution that defines your operations and promotes your big picture, whether you have a multi-media company or a hot dog stand, auto dealership or gas station, truck stop, strawberry farm or alligator ranch, restaurant or night club, baseball park or rodeo. Aerial photography lifts your businesses commercial, website or DVD to a higher level.


Overhead Real Estate can outfit the system with a multi axis stabilized camera mount, to get the highest quality shoots you expect from your news team. UAS's are the future of journalism


Overhead Real Estate provides stunning aerial photography for you resort's promotional media. We provide the breathtaking images that are the heartbeat of your business.

Special Events 
Infomercials Advertisements

Overhead Real Estate has worked with the top businesses in the world to help them promote their products. See why top producers and directors use Overhead Real Estate for their world-class aerial photography.

Residential Real Estate 
Industrial Real Estate 
Commercial Real Estate 

Every home can benefit from an aerial perspective. High-end real estate demands it, so if you want to look down on your competition, come up to another level of business with an Overhead Real Estate Real Estate Development & Promotional package.

Media Businesses 

Overhead Real Estate Aerial Photography will lift your media business with an array of cutting edge services to provide you with an advantage that will make your business look like downtown.

Auto Dealerships 

Overhead Real Estate has provided Aerial Photography for marinas, auto dealerships and Hotels and we can get you into high gear on the water or on land.

Meet our Pilot

  • One of the key differences with our company is bringing 22 plus years of USAF Special Operations Aviation Experience along with our great Public Relations Skills ensure the observe ring public is not only "fine" with your filming, but actually getting them excited about being part of the action by speaking with them and negating all fears/concerns up front.  Hire a professional, not just a guy with a R/C Aircraft....there IS a difference.

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