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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions and answers to help you get started

Most common inquiry I get is "HOW MUCH?"

To give an accurate quote, I must have the physical address of the property you would like to have Aerial Drone video/stills flown over to be able to do a site survey to check things like size of the area you would like photographed, proximity to Airports, power lines, obstacles, hazards, water, and of course...distance that I would have to travel.  The travel is the big differential I have found as I am based out of Safety Harbor in Pinellas County.

I am a one man shop so I can assure you if you would like a aviation professional who does have all the proper FAA accreditations and liability Insurance and has completed over 300 paying jobs with excellent customer satisfaction you will not find a lower cost anywhere with my qualifications.

Be careful hiring an illegal contractor who does not have BOTH a FAA Certificate (Either a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification of a FAA 333 Exception) and Aerial Drone Liability Insurance of at least $1M as you may be liable if there is a incident performing work for you.  If a individual or company cannot produce their FAA 333 Exception in writing, they cannot accept money for services.  This is the law.  Here is a link to check either by the company name or person that is claiming to be a "legal drone pilot" name:  Click here to check (Note:  this does not mean they have commercial liability insurance, as for a COI (Certificate of Insurance) as well to ensure your drone operator has the proper credentials for safe operation.


Other FAQs:

Q: Why shouldn't I just buy a drone and do this myself?  
A: You can try.  But ensure you consider high cost of aircraft and extras needed for the drone (camera gimbals, extra high dollar batteries, years of experience piloting drones, experience with the actual camera utilized, spare drone parts, knowledge of laws/FAA restrictions, and lastly video/photo editing skills.  YES, this is FUN but I can assure you...not easy!  The FAA Part 107 test is TOUGH and the prep courses are expensive. You have precious little time already for your self, why not contract this out to a professional who will deliver the product without any of the worry.
  Ask anyone that has had a Drone a while...YOU WILL CRASH and most likely OFTEN while learning!  Why not let the pros do it right the first time.

Q: How much does it all cost?
A: The cost is dependent on a few factors.  1.  The size of the job (property), 2.  Unique requirements (amount of photos/video), 3. Risks to equipment (extended overwater flight/hazards to Drone), 4.  Travel Distance, 5.  Return trips to site if additional shots/footage is desired.  Average job is $200 for still work and $300 for video work to give you a "ballpark figure".
If you want a FULL Production Video with Titles, and Music it will be approx $100-$200 extra.

Q: Is this Legal?  
A: Yes, we will ensure we do not break any laws/FAA restrictions.  I am FULLY cleared with the FAA As I possess my certified FAA Exemption and will happily show it to you

Q:  Is your company Insured?
A: Yes, I carry a $2M Aerial Drone Liability Insurance ($1M per occurance) and can suppy a COI (Certificate of Insurance) if requested.

Q: What do I need to do?  
A: Contact us.  Email ot text us the physical address so we can do a site survey to ensure it is safe and legal to fly at that location.  Even near airports IS possible with proper coordination from the FAA and local airport.  We will talk you through any items required detailing all aspects of the job.  This is to ensure we are both "on the same page" and for you to have the confidence that all the photos/footage/angles of the drone work is accomplished up front to make you fully relax and be ready to receive the media ready to add to your website or we can design a custom one for you..

Q: How is the finished work going to get to me?
A: Most clients prefer downloading the Video/Still Photos from Dropbox.  I keep an unlimited Dropbox account ready for your needs so you can get the work quickly.  We are proud to offer delivery within 2-Business days and you will never have to call asking "Where are my Pictures". No messy, technical, lengthy file transfers that you had bad experience with in the past or forget the URL/username/password to get them.  We specialize in stress free products that we ensure you will love.

Q: Any "Hidden" or "Surprise" fees?  
A: No WAY!  We make sure we have a solid understanding of your needs up front and on the rare occasion you may thing of something you want last minute, we will ensure a fair price is fully understood prior to work being done


Meet our Pilot

  • One of the key differences with our company is bringing 22 plus years of USAF Special Operations Aviation Experience along with our great Public Relations skills ensure the public is not only "fine" with your filming, but actually getting them excited about being part of the action by speaking with them and negating all fears/concerns up front.  Hire a professional, not just a guy with a R/C Aircraft....there IS a difference.

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