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Clear for Commercial Drone Business
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We are a Aerial and Ground Photography and Videography Buisness
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Featured on Tampa Bay WFLA Channel 8 News:

P.J. Cook is a Professional FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot/Photographer/Videographer with 35 years Photography/Videography and 4 years Commercial Drone Pilot Experience. 22 plus years flight experience as a USAF Special Operations Aviator.  7 plus years in the world's most sophisticated Helicopter, The Mighty MH-53 Pave Low with the remainder of my flying years in the Incredible AC-130 Spectre Gunship.  Why not work with an aviation professional who most important item is SAFETY and can "read" the winds and do a good site study of the intended location to ensure the best flight path to obtain video footage and still photography ensuring your properties/projects are apart from the rest with this exciting new technology?  ALL FAA RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE STRICTLY FOLLOWED! The FAA is cracking down on un-licensed drone pilots and are handing out hefty fines for realtors that use them to promote their listings. Any realtor who hires an UN-licensed drone pilot can be fined $11,000 for each instance. The drone pilot can be fined $1,100 for each instance.


Check to see if there is a FAA Drone Operator in your Area and/or Search by name to see if the person representing themselves as "legal" to do commercial drone operations actually HAS the FAA proper credential. For someone claiming to have a FAA Part 107 Certiciate, ask to SEE IT! It will be a credit-card type offical FAA card with a FAA Hologram. Also you can look up FAA Part 107 Remote Pilots on this website: https://amsrvs.registry.faa.gov/airmeninquiry/Main.aspx


For someone claiming to have a FAA 333 Exemption https://amsrvs.registry.faa.gov/airmeninquiry/ (Note:  Neiter of these FAA Certifications does not mean they have commercial liability insurance, ASK for a COI (Certificate of Insurance) as well to ensure your drone operator has the proper liability Insurance and ask to see thier FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate for safe operation.

Here are MY Credentials FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate: 4007691, FAA Exemption No. 11649
Clear for Commercial Drone Business

Mobile: (727) 744-2945



I am one of the FIRST Commercial Drone Operators in Pinellas County Florida to receive clearance from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to use my Drones for Commercial use (Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot and FAA 333 Exempted for Aerial Data Collection). This is approval to operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to conduct aerial imaging for safety, monitoring and comparing work efforts and completion percentages, and security of controlled environment of various sites as well as aerial Video and  Photography.



Meet our Pilot

  • FAA Part 107 Certified, 333 Exempted, $2M Aerial Drone Liability Insurance, 4 yr/Over 300+ Job Portfolio of recent work,  Just a few of the key differences with our company is bringing 22 plus years of USAF Special Operations Aviation Experience, 15 years IT Management/Web Design along with great Public Relations Skills ensure the observe ring public is not only "fine" with your filming, but actually getting them excited about being part of the action by speaking with them and negating all fears/concerns up front.  Hire a professional, not just a guy with a R/C Aircraft....there IS a difference.

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