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About Me

I am a retired USAF Special Operations Aviator with over 4000hrs of Flight Time in AC-130 Gunships, MH-53 Pave Low and MH-60 Helicopters.  I am a 15 plus year web developer, graphic artist and a award winning photographer.  Also 3 years as a private security contractor supporting ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) in IRAQ doing overhead video keeping our troops safe. I have had camera drones for the past few years and am now specializing as a Overhead Real Estate photographer/videographer.  This is not work to me, but my passion!

Why use me?

Why not work with an aviation professional who can "read" the winds and do a good site study of the intended location to ensure the best footage and stills ensuring your properties are set apart from the rest with this exciting new technology?

Video Drone Technology can offer shots high into the air without the use of expensive airplanes or helicopters. The technology allows for great HD video images and gives you smooth camera flow throughout your property.

Let's do some great things together!

    I fly a fresh to the market state of the art, extremely stable professional quadchopper DJI Inspire 1 platform that has a Sony 4K Camera fully integrated 360 degree on a gyrostabilated 3 axis shock/vibration isolated gimbal.  My drone will do some incredible videos/photos of your featured properties.  

    My wife is a Real Estate office manager so I am familiar with the needs of your industry and know this new technology is "the next big thing" for real estate marketing and is already upon us.  Along with my aviation experience makes us an obvious choice for some incredible video production.  I am also a 15yr experienced commercial webmaster with my own web company and a graphic artist as well to address several of your needs.



Meet our Pilot

  • One of the key differences with our company is bringing 22 plus years of USAF Special Operations Aviation Experience along with our great Public Relations Skills ensure the observe ring public is not only "fine" with your filming, but actually getting them excited about being part of the action by speaking with them and negating all fears/concerns up front.  Hire a professional, not just a guy with a R/C Aircraft....there IS a difference.

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